The Wagga Amateur Radio Club operates and maintains a number of repeaters that are linked together across the region. Coverage extends from Young in the North, down to Tumbarumba in the South and out to Griffith in the West. If you call on any of the 9 repeaters that are linked, you are sure to get a reply from one or more of our many friendly and welcoming Amateurs.

We also host or sponsor:

4 APRS Digipeaters, with plans to expand coverage in the near future

UHF CB Repeaters for use by all in the local community

Repeater Offsets:

6m: -1 MHz

2m: -600 kHz below 147 MHz, +600 above 147 MHz

70cm: -5 Mhz

All of our repeaters require a 91.5Hz CTCSS tone to access them

WARC Linked Repeater System

Callsign Frequency Location Status
VK2RWG 146.750 MHz North East of Wagga Online
VK2RBE 146.775 MHz Mt Bethungra, North of Junee Online
VK2RTD 146.800 MHz Mt Tumorrama, Tumut Online
VK2RGA 146.825 MHz Conapaira Trig, Rankin Sprins Online – Not currently linked
VK2RGF 146.850 MHz Square Knob, West of Leeton Online
VK2RYG 146.875 MHz Boundary Rd, Young Online
VK2RTU 147.075 MHz Mt Ikes, Tumbarumba Online
VK2RTW 438.025 MHz Willans Hill, Wagga Online
VK2RGR 438.025 MHz Scenic Hill, Griffith Online – Not currently linked

WARC Standalone Repeaters

Callsign Frequency Location Status
VK2RBE 53.825 MHz Mt Bethungra, Nth of Junee PLANNED
VK2RTW 439.800 MHz Willans Hill, Wagga Online

WARC EchoIRLP Node. See here for further information

Node Status
IRLP 6260
EchoLink VK2RWG-R 179190

WARC APRS Digipeaters. All are on the national APRS frequency of 146.175 MHz

Callsign Location
VK2RWG-1 Currently Off Line
VK2RGF-1 Square Knob, East of Griffith
VK2RBE-1 Mt Bethungra, North of Junee
VK2RGA-1 Conapaira Trig, Rankin Springs

WARC Sponsored UHF CB Repeaters

Channel Location Status
Channel 2 Mt Bethungra Online
Channel 3 Mt Ikes Online