To gain access to our repeaters you will need to use a 91.5Hz CTCSS tone.
2m 146MHz Linked
VK2RWG – 146.750 MHz – located at Wheel of Fortune Hill, East of Wagga Wagga.
VK2RBE – 146.775 MHz – located at Mt Bethungra, North of Junee
VK2RTD – 146.800 MHz – located at Mt Tumorrama, Tumut
VK2RGA – 146.825 MHz – located at Conapaira Trig, Rankin Springs (Not currently linked, but operational as stand alone)
VK2RGF – 146.850 MHz – located at Square Knob, East of Griffith
VK2RYG – 146.875 MHz – located at Boundary Road, SSE Young
VK2RTU – 147.075 MHz – located at Mt Ikes, Tumbarumba
70cm 438MHz Linked to above 2m Network
VK2RTW – 438.025 MHz – Located in Wagga Wagga
VK2RGR – 438.025 MHz – Located on Scenic Hill in Griffith (currently not linked)
70cm 439MHz Standalone
VK2RTW – 439.800 MHz – Located in Wagga Wagga
EchoLink & IRLP nodes connected to the linked repeater system
EchoLink Node 179190 VK2RWG-R
IRLP Node 6260
The club also operates APRS Digipeaters in the Riverina. All are on the National APRS frequency of 145.175 MHz:
[VK2RWG-1] – Located at Pomagalana, West of Wagga.
[VK2RGF-1] – Located at Square Nob, East of Griffith.
[VK2RBE-1] – Located at Mt. Bethungra
[VK2RGA-1] – Located at Conapaira Trig