Friday night was the monthly meeting for the Wagga Amateur Radio Club followed by the AGM.
Greg Ogden VK2KGO was re-elected as Public Officer and the following positions were filled
President – James Ashley VK2NKJ
Vice President – John Eyles VK2YW
Secretary – Alisha Ashley VK2FASH
Treasurer – Mike McDonnell VK2DAI
Repeater Manager – Rod Brown VK2TRB
Exec Members:
Peter Bye VK2MPJ
Bill Yeomans VK2KT
Peter Taylor VK2KA

QRM EditorĀ – John Shutte VK2EMF

I am looking forward to working with everyone and advancing the club further for the next year. Thanks everyone for their support and help making our club awesome.
Also Thanks to Bob Patterson VK2NRP (previous exec member) and Jeff Lane VK2SW (previous exec member and previous QRM Editor) for all their work.
James Ashley

Wagga Amateur Radio Club