The Wagga Amateur Radio Club, affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia, provides a focal point for the Amateur Radio Community in the Region.

Our club has been in existence for 50 years furthering the hobby of Amateur Radio in the Riverina for newcomers and veterans alike.

Meetings are held at the Clubrooms on the last Friday of each month except for December.

The clubrooms at 9 Small Street Wagga Wagga are open most Saturday mornings from around 10am until around noon. Why not drop by and join us for a cuppa?

The Wagga Amateur Radio Club operates several 2m repeaters in the region and the repeaters are linked together to provide coverage across most of the Riverina.

To gain access to our repeaters you will need to use a 91.5Hz CTCSS tone.
VK2RWG - 146.750 MHz - located at Wheel of Fortune Hill, East of Wagga Wagga.
VK2RTD - 146.800 MHz - located at Mount Kendall, South of Tumut.
VK2RGF - 146.850 MHz- located at Square Knob, East of Griffith
VK2RBE - 146.775 MHz - located at Mt Bethungra, North of Junee.
VK2RGA - 146.825 MHz - located at Mt Galore, near Lockhart (currently off air)

The club also operates two APRS Digipeaters in the Riverina.
[VK2RWG-1] 145.175 MHz - Located at Pomagalana, West of Wagga.
[VK2RGF-1] 145.175 MHz - Located at Square Nob, East of Griffith.